• 1994SoftPro Medical Solution is founded


    Our mission is to become the top of mind supplier in this market due to the quality and value of our products.


    Our focus shall always be to use our core competencies to help our clients to meet their business objectives with our products.

  • 1999 Medusa is released

    Developed together with a reference group consisting of 6 municipalities in Sweden.

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  • 2013PeRMit is released

    Developed together with a reference group consisting of 3 municipalities in Sweden.

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  • 2016Medusa Mobile is released

    Medusa made available for both Android and iOS.

  • NowContinuing development together with our customers

    We develop the future together with healthcare.

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Our core values

Digital technologies in health and medical care

Driven to provide solutions for healthcare that help them navigate with the constantly changing world and offer new and improved ways of interaction.

Supporting patient safety

Enabling healthcare to make decisions more efficiently, allowing for well-rounded workflows and contribution to patient safety.

Towards a great future

Our focus includes contributing to environmental, economic and social dimensions for a sustainable future.

Product innovation towards healthcare sustainability

Striving for improved sustainability in healthcare by reducing resource consumption, supporting recycling and increasing the lifecycle of assets.

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We provide multiple solutions made together with healthare organisations

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