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Hospital Relocation

Hospital relocation is often managed as a project that consist of moving to a new hospital, relocation departments within a hospital, or relocation due to temporary […]

Asset Operations Management Healthcare

An asset operations management solution can help healthcare organisations to effortlessly identify the most effective and ineffective maintenance operations and workflows, to ensure that operations keep […]
Helpdesk Functionality

EAM & CMMS Helpdesk Functionality

EAM and CMMS helpdesk supports the operation of managing and solving incidents of devices and equipment that occur in daily operations. The helpdesk functionality often enables […]
Healthcare Asset Management

Healthcare Asset Management Software

Healthcare asset management software streamlines medical asset inventory, maintenance, and tracking. Enabling easy access to preventive maintenance and reducing risk.
Hospital Procurement, Healthcare

Ultimate Quick Guide to Hospital Procurement

The hospital procurement process is fundamentally the steps healthcare organisations take to get the medical equipment, product, or service that it needs. Encompassing the entire process […]
EAM/CMMS Benefits for Healthcare, Hospital, Service Organisations

21 EAM & CMMS Benefits in Hospitals

There are numerous benefits for hospital and service organisations of using an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution or Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Find the benefits […]
Medical Device Infant Flow

Ultimate Quick Guide to Healthcare CMMS

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for healthcare is ultimately a tool to manage medical assets, devices, and equipment. Ensuring reliability, compliance, and patient safety in clinics […]

Medical Equipment Management Software (MEMS)

Medical equipment management software streamlines equipment maintenance and oversight. Enabling easy to access asset registry. Ensuring risk management, compliance, and patient safety. Commonly used by, but […]