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RECS 2023 – Collaboration With Kristianstad University

We were invited to participate at RECS workshop in Malmö, Aug. 21-22. At the 2 day workshop with research delegates from Kristianstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology focusing on […]

Healthcare CMMS Software – Streamline Maintenance

Healthcare CMMS software is a specialised tool designed to streamline and manage the maintenance and operations in healthcare facilities. What is Healthcare CMMS Software? In the […]

NPAG Clinical Engineering Conference 2023

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the NPAG Clinical Engineering Conference 2023 – an exceptional gathering that promises a day of enlightenment, networking, and […]

Medusa Used by the UK’s Largest and Most Renowned Independent Hospitals

It is our pleasure to announce that The London Clinic have implemented Medusa as their CMMS system. The London clinic is the UK’s largest independent, private leading hospital […]

Purchase Request Management: Why, What, How?

Purchase Request Management plays a pivotal role within organisations by facilitating the efficient and organised handling of purchase requests. This process involves a systematic workflow to […]

Healthcare Procurement Solutions

Healthcare procurement solutions refer to the application of technology and processes that facilitate the efficient acquisition of goods, services, and resources within the healthcare industry. What […]

MTF 2023, 12-14 Jun

Let’s meet in our stand at the national meeting organized by Medisinsk Teknologisk Forenings in Norway. Read more about the convention at:

Capital Planning Software

Capital planning software enables organisations streamline their budgeting and forecasting capital requirements, assessing purchasing options, and making informed investmenent decisions based on needs. What Capital Planning […]

Clinical Asset Management

Discover the critical role of clinical asset management in healthcare facilities and how it can improve patient outcomes, reduce equipment failure risk, and optimize asset management […]

Medical Equipment Downtime: Prevention & Strategy

Medical equipment downtime is a significant concern for healthcare organisations, as it can lead to delayed or interrupted patient care and reduced productivity. What Is Medical […]

Collaboration Together With Norwegian Hospitals

Today we had the opportunity to join the workshop in Vest Viken HF/Helse SørØst about services for patient with needs of treatments from home. More that […]

SAMTIT 2023, 3-5 May

Be the first to meet us at SAMTIT on the 3rd-5th May. The conference and exhibition is located MalmöMässan Exhibition & Congress Center, Mässgatan 6, 215 […]

Medical Equipment Maintenance Information Systems

Medical Equipment Maintenance Information Systems are computer-based systems designed to support and improve the medical equipment and device maintenance processes in healthcare organisations. What is Medical […]

Medical Equipment Database Software

Medical equipment database software enables a systematic approach to medical equipment management that a healthcare department or group is responsible for. Ensuring equipment effectiveness, reliability, compliance, […]

Capital Planning

Capital planning is the process of identifying and evaluating an organisation’s capital needs and determining how those needs will be funded. This process is critical to […]

Work Order Management in Healthcare

Work order management software streamlines maintenance and repair operations in healthcare facilities by automating work orders, managing maintenance schedules, providing data insights, and ensuring regulatory compliance. […]

Laboratory Asset Management Software

Laboratory asset management software provides a specialised solution to streamline the tracking, scheduling, and maintenance of laboratory equipment and resources. What is Laboratory Asset Management Software? […]

Laboratory Asset Management: Comprehensive Overview

Laboratory asset management is crucial for ensuring efficient, effective, and regulatory-compliant laboratory operations. Effective laboratory asset management ensures assets are utilised efficiently, maintained and managed appropriately. […]

Medical Equipment Maintenance Management

Medical equipment maintenance management is the processes and activities involved in ensuring that medical equipment is functioning properly and effectively throughout its entire lifecycle. What is […]

Medusa Supports the New GMDN Standard Approved for NHS

We are thrilled to share the recent news that the GMDN has been approved as a fundamental standard for identifying medical devices for the NHS. We […]