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Medical Equipment Database Software

Medical equipment database software enables a systematic approach to medical equipment management that a healthcare department or group is responsible for. Ensuring equipment effectiveness, reliability, compliance, […]

Capital Planning

Capital planning is the process of identifying and evaluating an organisation’s capital needs and determining how those needs will be funded. This process is critical to […]

Work Order Management in Healthcare

Work order management software streamlines maintenance and repair operations in healthcare facilities by automating work orders, managing maintenance schedules, providing data insights, and ensuring regulatory compliance. […]

Laboratory Asset Management Software

Laboratory asset management software provides a specialised solution to streamline the tracking, scheduling, and maintenance of laboratory equipment and resources. What is Laboratory Asset Management Software? […]

Laboratory Asset Management: Comprehensive Overview

Laboratory asset management is crucial for ensuring efficient, effective, and regulatory-compliant laboratory operations. Effective laboratory asset management ensures assets are utilised efficiently, maintained and managed appropriately. […]

Medical Equipment Maintenance Management

Medical equipment maintenance management is the processes and activities involved in ensuring that medical equipment is functioning properly and effectively throughout its entire lifecycle. What is […]

Medusa Supports the New GMDN Standard Approved for NHS

We are thrilled to share the recent news that the GMDN has been approved as a fundamental standard for identifying medical devices for the NHS. We […]

Medical Device Management

Medical Device Management is the process that healthcare organisations use to manage medical devices through their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. Effective management of these devices […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As the end of the year approaches, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your cooperation and support throughout the past year. […]

Dental Equipment Management

Dental equipment management is the process of keep track of and maintaining dental equipment, supplies, and other physical assets used in a dental practice. Proper dental […]

Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management

Medical equipment lifecycle management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of medical equipment, from acquisition to disposal. A well-functioning lifecycle management helps ensure that […]

What is a Healthcare Procurement Strategy and Why is it Important?

Healthcare procurement strategy is a plan that outlines the approach that an organisation will take to purchase the goods and services it needs to deliver healthcare […]

Preventive Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Preventive maintenance of medical equipment is the regular inspection and servicing of medical equipment to ensure they are in good working order and can perform their […]

CMMS for Hospitals

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for hospitals enables a systematic approach to medical asset management that a hospital department or group is responsible for. Ensuring reliability, […]

PeRMit User Group Meeting 2022

We invite all our customers of PeRMit to participate in our User Group Meeting on the 6th of December. Contact us to get an invitation, if […]
Healthcare Asset Management

Asset Management in Hospitals

Asset management in hospitals is a systematic approach to governance over medical assets that a department or group is responsible for, throughout the entire medical asset […]

Hospital Relocation

Hospital relocation is often managed as a project that consist of moving to a new hospital, relocation departments within a hospital, or relocation due to temporary […]

Asset Operations Management Healthcare

An asset operations management solution can help healthcare organisations to effortlessly identify the most effective and ineffective maintenance operations and workflows, to ensure that operations keep […]

Medusa User Group Meeting UK 2022

We are happy to announce that our yearly Medusa User Meetings are back from a pause during the pandemic. Much has happened and we are excited […]
Helpdesk Functionality

EAM & CMMS Helpdesk Functionality

EAM and CMMS helpdesk supports the operation of managing and solving incidents of devices and equipment that occur in daily operations. The helpdesk functionality often enables […]